Bacardi 151 Proof Rum

Type of Liquor: Rum

Description: Long thought of as the ultimate fiery shot that has any flavor at all, Bacardi 151 lives up to its name. I have taken shots of this stuff, and it is quite an experience. The best one I had was when I thought it was something else. Sure it still burned, but I wasn’t dreading it before I did the shot.

If you want to go beyond peeling off layers of your palate, you can use 151 in layered drinks (as the top layer), or to light drinks on fire. Just dribble some Bacardi 151 over the back of a spoon onto the top of a drink and light. Make sure the bottle is closed and well away before you do this. As always, be careful and use common sense.

Producer: Unknown

Distillery Location: Unknown

Country: Puerto Rico

Alcohol by volume: 75.5%

Proof: 151 proof

Serving size: 1.5oz

Calories: Unknown

Carbohydrates: Unknown

Bottle Sizes: 50 mL (shot), 250 mL (“half-pint”), 375 mL (tenth), 500 mL (“pint”), 750 mL (fifth), 1000 mL = 1 L (“quart”), 1.75 L (half-gallon, handle or homewrecker)

Price: $23 / 750 ml

Fun Facts:

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